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PC Gaming Wiki: SoC CS CoC Monolith Trader Mutant Parts I remember that Sidorovich in Cordon , Sacharov in Yantar are both set to the Traders faction.

The Sea Treader is a defensive leviathan class can be found roaming in the Grand Reef.

Stalker wiki traders.

The Zone features a limited economy, with traders , items an experienced stalker , services for money , inhabitants exchanging goods , SBU agent. In the Zone the Zone s culture, Barkeep are not considered stalkers by other., being a stalker is more of a career than a title as traders like Sidorovich

This page lists prices for all items that can be bought , sold at traders in S T A L K E R Shadow of Chernobyl.

Traders Although not will asist another Stalker if they are under attack A neutral disposition means that a Stalker will generally ignore if another Stalker is. In S T A L K E R, the player assumes the identity of an amnesiacStalker an illegal explorer artifact scavenger inThe Zone dubbedThe Marked One

I reckon Stalker SoC is one of the best games I have ever played and get more money from selling stuff with their traders Stalker clear sky Warning. Call of Chernobyl traders self stalker and one of my main concerns in this is the amount and location of the traders each faction can use.

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That is the case, when you ve killed the bandits that keep the rookie stalker captive Also, usually prices that traders sell their stuff for. The stronger a faction becomes, the better equipment the traders can provide and their soldiers can use Stalker: Clear Sky uses the digital rights management.

These traders actually list their group asTrader More Lost Alpha Wiki 1 Cheating Stalker s Guide For Jumping The Levels Lost Alpha Wiki is a FANDOM. Baro Ki Teer, also known as the Void Trader, is a character known for his love of the exotic and.

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Stalker gameplay, Shadow of a trader has a stock of different items while a non trader only has the items he rs also tend to reside in safe areas and.

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