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I have used it since 2009.

There are a ton of major prop firms who use it as it is much cheaper for them to go that route instead ofBloomberg, Reuters, Dow Jones)., The Talking-Forex.

Com subsidiary of RANsquawk will deliver its services for free tonight, providing a level playing field for retail traders when it comes to the latest news , developments across the financial markets. In forex, the other is long., the primary currency when sold is short Short Covering/Short Squeeze The purchase of an instrument to close out a short position.

To close a position, an investor purchases the same number of assets that were sold short.

Apologies if this was answered earlier in the thread, I am only partway through reading it With a big news release like NFP what is the delay on a squawk service like Ransquawk vs the Forex Factory Calendar.

Forex vs ransquawk.

Forex vs ransquawk.

Hey Guys, I use Ransquawk/Talking-Forex for live news feed. They are very good. Here is my problem.

Every month for the last few my payment to them has been denied.
Live Squawk delivers up-to-the-second live coverage ofjust breaking’ market-moving news, selecting only the most relevant headlines , broadcasting them faster than any other service to you a competitive edge. Stock traders, specially daytraders, need dependable news services to trade the markets.
I have reviewed several news services that also include audio.

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Covers all major pairs and crosses throughout the US, European, and UK sessions. Sign up for a free trial today.

RANsquawk is the news source that we use that gives us the information that matters now.

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