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Not saying that everyone encountered will conform to the stereotype, do not seem evidently true at all., but some of the ones here have never crossed my mind Trade server stereotypes.

Dunno if anyone else agrees here.

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Ever wonder what kind of people roam the crazy land known as the trade server. Then this video is for you.

Believe it or not, this video has been in the works for almost three months. Seriously though, thanks to SoundSmith for letting me parody his stereotypes series.

Today I'm goin' through the different hacker stereotypes, ranging from the casuals to the news to thepros".

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Tich is thepvp godz only" server for hordein the same way that Kel'Thuzad is for Alliance), in that all the try hards flock there and pretend they automatically deserve 2200+ rank in arena, and anyone who hasn't been there from the start is baddespite most of them transfering there fairly recently). Trader that adds you for your items and instead of negotiating, he argues because of prices.
Unusual trader that does no research whatsoever and just saysNo thanks" Trader that adds you and ignores your messages, only to leave you with crappy offer. I got nothing really, I just want to know what other servers are like since I’m really only on NY Trade and NY Jailbreaak( I occasionally visit TX FF2 and DB).

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Hatred or Discrimination: Any reference to hateful or discriminatory movements, ideas, symbols, stereotypes, groups, or figures is not tolerated whatsoever. The use of any hateful or discriminatory phrases and slurs is also strictly prohibited.

The use of the termgay" in a negative context is deemed homophobia on our server. As a trader and a player, having seen all the effects in gamein non trading setting) I really don't feel from my end that these stereotypes actually exist in as full a form as suggested.

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